Music Production

Bass tracks Online

Offers custom bass guitar tracks for your songs delivered to your spec

We discuss the project and what input you require and timescales for delivery,

Send through tracks via MP3 with track BPM. Include ideas / sheet music / charts (if you want a specific bass part),

Agree price and timescales,

I will record and return within agreed timescale,

Tracks returned via WeTransfer®, Sprend® or Dropbox®

advantages of remote recording

Simplicity - remote recording is an easy process,

Speed -  no waiting for available studio times, just call and send through requirements,

Cost - no studio or associated costs

Travel - obviously distance is irrelevant, no traffic jams, no parking worries

Quality - excellent quality outputs

Input - live input/monitoring available via Skype


Fender              Precision 4-string MIM

Fender              Jazz Select 4-string MIA

Fender              Dimension Deluxe H 5-string active MIA

Fender              Squier Precision CV 60s 4-string

Fender              Squier Jazz Standard 4-string

Fender              Squier Jaguar 5-string

Yamaha             TRB-5P 5-string active

Yamaha             BB1025X 5-string

Yamaha             BB400 4-string fretless

Yamaha             BB425X 4-string

Yamaha             RBX A2 4-string

G&L                   L-2000 Tribute 4-string active

Peavey              U.S. T40 4-string

Peavey              U.S Cirrus 4-string active

Peavey              Millennium 4-string active

Epiphone          Jack Casady hollowbody 4-string

Sire                    Marcus Miller V7 (J-bass model) 5-string active

Harley Benton   PB50 (50s Precision model) 4-string

Jackson             JS3 4-string active             

Music Production






Do you have a song you want to turn into a full blown production? Do you need music to you lyrics? Do you need words to your music?


I am a swedish songwriter, musician, music producer and studio engineer. I´ve been in the music business for a long time, as a touring musician as well as a studio cat. I can offer professional recording, mixing & premastering.


As a songwriter I've had success during more than two decades. I've studied songcraft and lyric writing and have helped many students to hone their craft.


I'm a multiinstrumentalist and a singer.

Get in touch!



Are you a singer/songwriter? I can help you record your song


Do you need a bass part played by a real bass player for your almost finished track? I can help you with a professional result


Need mixing for your recording? Send me your session and let´s get to work


Need your mix mastered? Of course, send me your stereomix in at least 24bit/44,1kHz and I'll help you


Have any other questions? Feel free to ask





Logic pro


Pro Tools


Studio One







electric and acoustic guitars

drum kit

keys and soft synths


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